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In memory of Kenny Bryan

Today, I take a moment to speak for all of us at Weld Wire to pay tribute to and celebrate the life of Gerald “Kenny” Bryan. Kenny was not just one of the finest men in the industry, but we were also honored to count him as a friend and part of our Weld Wire family. For many years, we had the privilege of working with him and always counted on his intelligence, his insight and his unfailing integrity.

Kenny helped us to shape our purpose, which is to rebuild and reinvigorate the welding field and to attract and train the best young men and women to join it. He inspired us with the example he set in his life and work. Kenny believed in the value of hard work, and he relentlessly championed the true value of quality control, alloy identity and safety.

In Kenny’s honor, we are working on a new initiative: to guide young people toward a fulfilling and rewarding career in welding, at the same time helping to fill the gaps in our welding workforce. With Kenny’s memory as our guide, we are working to help to make a real difference in the lives of young adults and in the industry as a whole.  

We miss you, Kenny, and we thank you so much for lighting the way with your friendship, your dedication, your hard work and your integrity.