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Change is Good

By Julia Saul

Change — something that many fear but something that many times brings forth new opportunity and advancement. Weld Wire Company Inc. has been providing costumers with quality welding supplies for over 65 years.  The secret? CHANGE.  The company has morphed and expanded over the years in order to continue its’ success and progress.  Alan and Jeff Saul, part owners of Weld Wire, expressed their love for the company and excitement for its future with the changes put forth.  As Jeff explained it, “the company has naturally moved toward change with the new taking over for the old.” That being said, the company has undergone a large transformation. Brent Saul, part owner of Weld Wire, has made it his mission to move the company’s progress forward.  While the goal of the company has always been to create a positive atmosphere and a comfortable place to work, Brent wanted to take it a step farther and create a family environment for everyone in the company.  It seems that Brent truly succeeded in this pursuit as each and every member of the Weld Wire family acknowledged that Weld Wire is their home away from home and extended family.  Both Joanna and Melissa A, employees of the company, explained that with the love and support of the team at Weld Wire, they have been given incredible opportunity and have been changed in many ways. All of the employees also stressed that the company has become team oriented rather than competition oriented.  Melissa Y, an employee of Weld Wire for 13 years, expressed the team feel and said that “the employees have changed a lot and the group that we have now works together impeccably. We work together like a team and family.” Happy employees bring outstanding performance, therefore, the members of the family at Weld Wire come to work each and every day ready to achieve.  Jessica, a newer addition to the team, emphasized that she wakes up in mornings ready to work as hard as possible because she is not just doing a job at Weld Wire but is working for her team and is, in turn, helping herself as well as her co-workers succeed. Additionally, the transformation of Weld Wire included remodeling of the office building.  New floors, conference tables, bathrooms, and more have improved the atmosphere of Weld Wire and suits the company’s professionalism. Sue and Michelle, mother and daughter and long time employees of the company, expressed that the new and improved appearance of the office has created a much better working environment.
What is truly unbelievable is that, overall, each and every member of the “family” seemed to say the same thing — Weld Wire works as a team and family in order to strive to be the best company possible.  Hearing the same words over and over again from multiple different people exemplifies the honorable, loving nature of Weld Wire.  As John, another employee, expressed “at Weld Wire we are all family and are all vested into each other’s success.”  How amazing to have a company in which every employee enjoys going to work each day.