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Weld Wire Company is extremely proud to support Big Brothers Big Sisters

Weld Wire Company is extremely proud to support Big Brothers Big Sisters, an organization whose mission is to “provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.”   Big Brothers, Big Sisters’ commitment to changing how children grow up in America is very much like Weld Wire Company’s aspiration to inspire lives. We believe strongly in advocating for children, as they are our leaders of tomorrow. Having a support system via a “Big” can positively impact a child for life. Every young person deserves to know they have someone to look up to; someone who supports them and appreciates them.  A “Big” can help a child facing adversity believe that their present situation doesn’t have to be their future.

Some of us at Weld Wire Company have witnessed or experienced firsthand the positive impact BBBS and Mentoring has on “Littles” and “Bigs” alike.  Recently, Weld Wire Company was a proud Sponsor of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh’s Night at the Byham, where Off the Record, a musical comedy spoof of Pittsburgh’s news and newsmakers was performed.  Jessica Noll, an Account Manager at Weld Wire Company attended the BBBS Night at the Byham.  “This cause is so important to me because of the struggles I faced growing up.  My mother was extremely abusive and relied on me to raise my four brothers and one sister.  I was a little older than my nine year old daughter is now when I was changing diapers, feeding twin boys, putting them down for naps, bathing them, cleaning, folding laundry, plus taking care of a two year old toddler and a brother and sister who were closer to my age.  Being the oldest for me was very difficult.  There was an extreme amount of responsibility, with no guidance, and a terrible feeling every day wondering when the next time our mom was going to flip out, or hit someone.  When I finally moved to live with my Aunt Lisa, I finally felt safe and had someone to motivate me and guide me on the right path, she has been my rock; in a way she was my big sister.  That is why (BBBS) is so important to me, even though this organization did not support me directly.  Everyone needs a positive role model to help them realize their full potential.”

Since early childhood, brothers Jeff Saul, and Alan Saul, Weld Wire Company’s President and Vice President have had personal ties to the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.  Jeff explained, “As a child growing up, I saw my father very active in being a Big Brother.

It meant so much to him to help provide family, love, and guidance to those that were in need.  My father was from a broken family due to early deaths of his parents and he endured so many traumas in orphanages and foster homes. I went to a Big Brothers camp at the age of nine and met many kids much less fortunate than myself.  I know the importance of family values, as well as the security of having a mom and dad, along with two brothers.  The Big Brothers program is a fantastic organization that is so worthwhile to support.”

Alan Saul describes his dad as “a person who would give a stranger the shirt off his back.”  He added, “my father was an orphan and he always tried to help the underdog; he always taught us to stand up for those that were being picked on…my father was my idol; he was the best man I ever knew.  I went to the Wyomissing Big Brothers camp, and also enjoyed going to the Center City Philadelphia Big Brothers to play with other children.  He was a Big Brother until he got sick.”

Weld Wire Company is dedicated to inspiring the youth of today.   For more information about supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters, click on the following link