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Welding is a part of our everyday lives

By Julia Saul

When I was asked to sit down and write a blog for the Weld Wire Co. Inc website that discussed the importance of welding in the world and in the lives of myself and the other employees at Weld Wire, I truly had no idea what I was going to say.  Being a Saul, of course, I have always been aware of the steel industry and the major role it has played in my family’s life.  To me, the steel industry was important in a financial aspect for my family, however, I had never understood how welding affects my daily life and the daily lives of others.  This question sparked an interest in me and I began to research to understand the purpose of our company, Weld Wire, and why selling welding material is so important to the world.  I am always looking to find a purpose when performing a task or job.  In doing so, it always gives me the push to strive for the best.  As my father, Brent Saul, always says, “You need to be the best at what you do, no matter what it is you are doing.”  In order to live by his words, I needed to find the purpose behind selling steel and what welding does to benefit the lives of myself and others.  I believe I have found my answer.  The best part of what I have found is that there are so many answers to this question.  As you will read, many of the employees here at Weld Wire find a different reason for the importance of welding in their own personal lives.

What is welding, you may ask.  In simple terms, welding is a process that joins two metals together permanently (welding information center).  Welding is a part of our everyday lives.   From the kitchen appliances we use each day, the buildings we live in, to the cars we drive.  Most of what we use is welded or made with equipment that has been welded (welding information center).  Without welding, our lives would be completely different and frankly, quit boring.  Getting to another country would be impossible seeing as airplanes, large ships and other means of transportation would be nonexistent.  Imagine a world where we could not just hop in the car and run to the grocery store for the missing ingredient in a recipe.  What about a world in which some of the most well-known sculptures and works of art weren’t around?  Without welding, works of art such as the Arch in St. Louis would not have been created (welding information center).  Sites such as the arch are major aspects of the world and are what make each country unique.  Ultimately, it has become clear to me that the world truly would not be the same without welding, yet, most people do not even give it a thought.  When looking at the steel business in this light, my whole perspective has changed.  I now understand why it has been so important to my family and that the work done at Weld Wire and within the steel industry as a whole is immensely important.

I looked to the other employees at Weld Wire for their thoughts on Welding and how they believe it impacts their everyday lives as well as the lives of people all around the world.  Here are some of their thoughts on the topic:

“Welding is used in almost all manufacturing of Metal products. Without welding, our lives would not be as interesting.   We wouldn’t have airplanes, trains, space shuttles or most buildings.  Additionally, welding provides high paying jobs.” – Alan Saul

“I believe welding is important to the world because it is both a cyclical and counter cyclical industry. With welding we build new and repair old. This provides jobs in both up and down economies. Welding is also important because of how it makes everyday life easier. Most people don’t realize, at least when I talk to them, how much welding they benefit from.  To name a few, Cars, bridges, buildings, technology, healthcare.” – Jared Herschend

“Due to welding I receive a paycheck that helps pay my bills as well as the luxuries in life such as a cruise.  Welding also plays a large role in the creation of cruise ships.” – Joanna Gleba

“If I was going to say why welding is important, I would say that is has given me purpose in life. Not only do we work together on initiatives to help promote the welding industry among the youth of our country and work with colleges, we offer value in what we do. We aren’t just another company and being a part of THAT in the welding industry makes welding important to me. I challenge myself when I’m driving to look around and see what is welded, so many trailers, cars, buildings, bridges and exercise equipment….all welded! I love that! I love being a part of this team and having a career that can be as big as we make it!” – Jessica Noll

“Welding is essential in many aspects of our everyday lives: infrastructure, economy, military, aerospace and artists use it to express themselves.” – Melissa Yashura

“Welding is important to the world because it helps us cross large and small bodies of water. It’s important in my life because it keeps family traditions going. My family is big on fishing, crabbing, and canoeing. Without welding, we wouldn’t have the proper boat/canoe to do those activities. We wouldn’t have the equipment to grill a nice juicy burger either!” – Melissa Alimonti

“Welding has been my life for 51 years. I was 18 when I started here.  I will continue to work in the warehouse as long as I can do the work.  Welding has helped the country move forward.” – Ed Hack

“Weld wire pays my bills.  Welding keeps my car together and is part of so many different things in the world.  Welding does so much for everyone.” – Harry Donahue (Reds)

“Welding is a part of everything around us. Without welding we wouldn’t be able to do the things we do.” – Dalton

 Welding is a part of our everyday lives.

Brent and Julia Saul

Brent and Julia